Did love cheat on joe with theo? (2023)

What episode does Love cheat on Joe with Theo?

In Episode 5, when Joe is away on a boy's trip to the woods, Love decides to give in to her desires and sleeps with Theo. From then on, the pair cannot keep their hands off each other, no matter how much Love tries her best to stay away from him.

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Did Theo and Love sleep together?

As the series progresses, Love and Theo's relationship becomes even more complicated and the pair kiss and later sleep together.

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Was Love in Love with Theo?

The two start a flirtationship that soon turns physical, and it seems like the two really do have feelings for one another. But, for many reasons, Love decides not to pursue a relationship with Theo. For starters, Love is married to Joe and she very much wants to make their relationship work.

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Did Joe fall out of Love with Love?

After Love finds Joe's bloody shirt after murdering Ryan, Marienne's boyfriend, Love makes her move, but not before Joe asks for a divorce. So, yes, technically, Joe and Love do break up in You season 3. Well, Joe breaks up with Love, basically.

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Does Love get pregnant by Theo?

Although there was a short pregnancy scare in episode 5 and episode 6, Love does not get pregnant in You season 3.

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Is Love pregnant by Theo or Joe?

The real father is Milo.

This is based on the fact that Love got physical with Milo at one point to bring out the darker side of Joe. If we marked her and Milo's relations as the time of conception, then it is highly possible that by the time she knew of the pregnancy, she hadn't been physical with Joe yet.

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Does Theo find out Love killed?

Because of this, his relationship with his son, Theo (Dylan Arnold), ends up even more strained than it was before. Once Matthew finds out that Natalie was killed by Love and Joe reveals that Theo is hospitalized, he is able to find his son and repair the relationship.

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What was the age gap between Love and Theo?

How old is Love and how old is Theo? The character is a 19-year-old college student, meaning he is quite a bit younger than Love, who is in her late twenties. Interestingly, though, the actor who plays him - Dylan Arnold - is 27 years old in real life, which is older than Love actress Victoria Pedretti, who is 26.

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Why Love Kills Theo?

#3: Theo. When Theo discovers the Conrads in the basement of the bakery, on his was to free them (unfortunately for him) he runs into Love. He knows too much, so Love bashes him over the head with a fire extinguisher, and he tumbles down the stairs.

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Who does Theo end up with?

Eventually, Theo and Kitsey become engaged despite the fact that he is still very much in love with Pippa. He discovers that Kitsey is also in love with someone else, but they decide to remain together in an unpassionate relationship.

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Did Theo sleep with Chloe?

In upcoming episodes on Channel 5, Chloe turns to Theo for support and they sleep together. However, Chloe then uses this situation to deceptively win sympathy from Bella, seeking advice as she makes out that sleeping with Theo was a big mistake.

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Does Theo find out Love killed Natalie?

Turns out, colder. Theo arrives at the bakery to save Love but instead discovers the Conrads, who tell her that Love killed Natalie. Theo doesn't believe them… right up until the moment Love clobbers him in the head with a fire extinguisher.

Did love cheat on joe with theo? (2023)
What happens to Joe's baby in you?

But what happens to Love and Joe's baby Henry in Season 3 of “You”? Before he jets off to Europe, Joe leaves his son in the care of his colleague at the library, Dante. Dante and his husband Lansing had been trying for a child, and Joe writes them a letter saying he hopes that together they will raise Henry.

Why did Love breakup with Joe?

In the process, though, Love learns that Will/Joe isn't who HE says he is, so they briefly break up. During this breakup, Joe has sex with Delilah (nooooo), and Love hooks up with a guy named Milo, who was BFFs with her late husband.

What were love Quinn's final words?

Joe doses himself with adrenaline during dinner and therefore quickly regains movement. Love dies from the aconite. With her final words, she tells Joe they're perfect for each other, but bad for their son.

Who is the father of Love's second baby in you?

Who is the father of Loves 2nd baby? The real father is Milo. There have been many theories about this. This is based on the fact that Love got physical with Milo at one point to bring out the darker side of Joe.

Is Joe the father of love's baby?

The real father is Milo. Yes, Love told Joe that Milo wasn't the baby's father, but Love could have been lying and desperate, knowing that Joe would not have stayed (or may have even killed her) if he knew that she was pregnant with someone else's child.

How did Love paralyze Joe?

However, that doesn't go as planned as Love finds out that Joe is involved with Marienne and plots to poison him (in case you missed it, that's also how Love ended her first marriage). Joe pretends to be paralyzed by the poison until he gets up and injects Love to death with a syringe filled with poison.

Does Joe have kids with Love?

Does Joe keep the baby? In the final episode of You season 3, Joe poisons and kills Love, but before that he gives baby Henry away to a couple who is better fit to parent. He drops off Henry at Dante's (Ben Mehl) house, one of his co-workers at the library who seems like a good person.

Is Joe the father of Henry in you?

Series Information

Henry "Forty" Quinn-Goldberg is the newborn son of Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg. He is named after Love's brother, Forty Quinn. Joe is insistent on calling his son, "Henry". Whereas, Love and Dottie Quinn are more eager to call him "Forty".

Who has Joe's baby in you?

In You season 2, Joe falls for a woman named Love, and their relationship takes an unexpected turn. As we learn, she's committed murder too, and the two are actually more similar than we initially believed. Joe and Love eventually get married and they even have a child, a baby boy named Henry.

Who killed Theo in you?

It looks like Love might actually let Theo go, but as he turns to leave she hits him over the head with a handy fire extinguisher, causing him to fall down the stairs where Love leaves him for dead.

Does Joe end up killing Theo?

Joe tells Marienne that he and Love are separating, and she, in turn, invites him and Henry to get out of town with her and Juliet. He wants to “tie up a few loose ends,” by which he means “dispose of Theo's body,” but — twist! — Theo is alive! In his great benevolence, Joe drops Theo off at a hospital.

Does Theo turn into a vampire?

It is shortly revealed that Theo is now a vampire, and towards the end of the episode Juliette reveals to Calliope that she is the one who turned him because she didn't want to see her hurt.

How old is Joe supposed to be in you?

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg

Penn is 34 years old and it's assumed that his serial killer character is also in that age bracket.

Who did Theo fall in Love?

The new HBO show “The Time Traveler's Wife” gives a whole new meaning to the term “childhood sweethearts.” The main character, Clare Abshire, fell in love with Henry DeTamble when she was 6 and he was 31. Then again when he was 40.

How old is Love Quinn supposed to be?

Love's age is never directly addressed in You season three, but in the books her character is 35. However, it seems her age was changed for the Netflix series and she plays a role closer to Victoria's off-screen age, of 26.

Does Love cheat on Joe in season 3 with Theo?

Did Love cheat on Joe with Theo? Ultimately, the two become unhappy in their marriage. For instance, Joe becomes obsessed with his boss, Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle). Meanwhile, Love has an affair with their next-door neighbor, Theo Engler (Dylan Arnold).

Did Love cheat on Joe in Season 3?

“What Is Love?”, the Season 3 finale, is filled with some pretty big revelations. In a short amount of time, Joe learned that Love had been cheating on him with a teenager, that she tried to murder said teenager, and that the new love of Joe's life, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), wanted to run away with him.

What does Joe do to Theo?

Theo survives Love's attack.

After being attacked by Love and pushed down the bakery's basement stairs, Theo survives. Joe finds him nearly unconscious, drugs him with some of Cary's stash of medications, and drops him off at a hospital. Joe tells Theo's dad, Matthew, where his son is, and they are reunited.

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