How tall is william afton? (2023)

What is William Afton's canonical height?

So, since William Afton is 271 pixels tall, he would be roughly 208 inches. Yes, 208. That translates to 17 feet and 4 inches.

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How tall is Springtrap?

The height of the animatronic Springtrap, from Five Nights at Freddy's, is six foot, eight inches, or 2.032 meters.

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Is William Afton's wife?

William Afton and his unnamed wife met at one point in time, got married, and eventually had around three children, those being Michael Afton, Elizabeth Afton, and the Crying Child. At one point, Mrs. Afton would either die or divorce William, given that she never appears in the series.

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How tall was Michael Afton?

micheal afton is 7 feet tall?!

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Who is the tallest FNAF?

Although standing at seven feet tall would make Sundrop one of the tallest animatronics in the game, he'd still be several feet shorter than FNAF's tallest character, NightMarionne, who allegedly stands at a colossal 10 feet tall.

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What is Afton's full name?

William Afton is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's media franchise created by Scott Cawthon. Afton was introduced as a minor character in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, and his role was significantly expanded in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and subsequent installments.

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Who is William favorite child?

Just as it's been speculated in the past that Prince William favors Prince George, a new report ponders the possibility of Princess Charlotte being Kate Middleton's favorite child.

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Who is William Afton's old partner?

Cassette Man, also known as Henry Emily, is William Afton's old partner, and the former owner of Fredbear's Family Diner. During the events of Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Phone Guy mentions that he has been missing for years.

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Who is Michael Afton's wife?

Mary Estelle Grogan is Michael Afton's wife.

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How tall is circus baby?

Circus Baby stands at 7.2 feet tall, shown in her blueprint, making her the second tallest animatronic in Sister Location. It also shows on her blueprint that she weighs 585 lbs.

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What is Michael to William Afton?

Michael Afton (also known as Mike Schmidt and Eggs Benedict) is the main protagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's game series. He is the son of William Afton, and older brother of Elizabeth Afton. It is often believed that Mike is the Older Brother, though many fans still believe he could be The Crying Child.

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How old was Elizabeth Afton?

Elizabeth Afton from Five Nights at Freddy's is approximately 7 years old.

How tall is william afton? (2023)
How tall is glamrock freddy?

43yo| 6.1ft | 347lbs.

How tall is lefty?

Lefty is normally 7 feet (2.13 meter) tall, but once his Extension Mode is activated, Lefty is 7 feet 5 inches (2.24 meter) tall.

How tall is grim Foxy?

Grim(m) Foxy is an estimated height of 8-10 feet tall, depending on whether or not he straighens his back up, making him the second tallest animatronic in the game (minus Dreadbear and Circus Baby.

How old is Sundrop?

Sun Drop
Sundrop Logo
TypeCitrus soda
IngredientsOrange juice
VariantsDiet Sun Drop Caffeine-Free Sun Drop Caffeine-Free Diet Sun Drop Cherry Lemon Sun Drop Diet Cherry Lemon Sun Drop
5 more rows

Who is the biggest animatronic?

The largest animatronic created for a film is the Spinosaurus built by Stan Winston Studio for Jurassic Park III. The practical creature, operated via hydraulics to move and 'roar', weighed 25,000 pounds and was nearly 45 feet long.

What is Sundrop height?

Sundrops will grow to be about 18 inches tall at maturity extending to 24 inches tall with the flowers, with a spread of 24 inches. When grown in masses or used as a bedding plant, individual plants should be spaced approximately 20 inches apart.

What is William Afton's youngest child's name?

The crying child in Five Night's at Freddy's, is William Afton's youngest son, Chris Afton.

What is William Afton's age?

William Afton - Born: June 26 1938 - gacha club - age : 58 | Anime fnaf, William afton, Afton.

Does William Afton have a middle name?

William Afton's middle name is Ivo.

Who is the oldest son of William?

Prince George of Wales (George Alexander Louis; born 22 July 2013) is a member of the British royal family. He is the eldest child of William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales.

Do William and Harry have a half sister?

Yep, Laura is the only daughter of Camilla Parker Bowles (also known as Camilla Duchess of Cornwall and the future Queen Consort), who is married to William and Harry's father, Prince Charles.

Who is William Best Friend?

Thomas van Straubenzee

Thomas is one of William's closest and long-time pals, having attended Ludgrove prep school with William. He served as an usher along with James Meade at the royal wedding in 2011, and shared the toast at the wedding reception.

What is William Afton holding?

The most detail William has shown is during the Save them Death minigame, in which he is revealed to be a tall skinny man with a long neck and has glowing, white eyes, a yellow object on his chest which resembles a security badge, and holds a purple object, which is speculated to be a weapon or tool (some people ...

Who is William Afton's twin?

Vincent Afton, better known as just Vinny, is a major character in BlueyCapsules. He is the twin brother of William Afton and the husband of Scott Afton.

Who is William Afton's first victim?

The first victim of William Afton aka Purple guy was his ex-partner Herny's daughter Charlotte aka Charlie.

Why is William Afton purple?

After he got scooped (he got his organs scooped out) His skin began to rot, Turning his skin purple.

Is Ballora Afton's wife?

Scott basically just confirmed that Ballora is Mrs. Afton. Fandom.

What is Michael Afton's last name?

Michael Afton, also known by his nickname Eggs Benedict and fake name Mike Schmidt, is one of the main protagonists of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. He is the son of the notorious serial killer William Afton and the older brother of Elizabeth Afton and the Crying Child.

Is Ennard taller than Baby?

He looks quite tall actually. he has to be at least taller than Baby and she is 7.2ft. Funtime Freddy is 6ft.

How tall are the FNAF characters?

Rockstar Freddy: 6.1 ft. Rockstar Bonnie: 6.0 ft. Rockstar Foxy: 5.8 ft. Lefty: 6.1 ft.

How tall is FNAF Ennard feet?

Ennard stands at around 6'02".

What is the average height of a FNAF animatronic?

The Average is 6 - 10 feet. The biggest animatronic is Circus Baby (Surprisingly) Being at 7′2′. The Twisted animatronics are the height of the Funtimes. The puppet surprisingly is only 5.6 feet tall.

How tall is glam rock chica?

Collectible action figure is approximately 5.5-inches tall.

How tall is Freddy Fazbear ft?

The only known height is of Funtime Freddy, it's blueprints state it is 6 feet tall. Different versions of the animatronic seem to have different heights though, and it is commonly thought that some can be as tall as 8 feet.

How tall is normal Foxy?

Now, Foxy is 2 inches shorter than Chica - meaning that Foxy is 6'7".

How heavy is glamrock Freddy?

jpg, if the teaser is opened in Notepad, the text "G l a m r o c k _ F r e d _ P o s t e r" can be found, revealing the new set of animatronics will be known as the Glamrock Animatronics. In his blueprints, Funtime Freddy revealed to be 6 ft tall, and weigh 350 lbs.

How tall is the Pizzaplex?

At three stories tall, it's the flashiest, raddest, rockingist, safest* pizzeria the universe has ever seen. Of course, Freddy and the band are excited to meet you!

How tall is Phantom Foxy?

Phantom Foxy= 5ft. Phantom BB= 3ft. Phantom Mangle= 5-6ft. Phantom Puppet= 5-6ft.

How big is circus baby?

Circus Baby stands at 7.2 feet tall, shown in her blueprint, making her the second tallest animatronic in Sister Location. It also shows on her blueprint that she weighs 585 lbs.

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