Why was Sirius black in Azkaban? (2023)

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Why was Sirius black in Azkaban?

Sirius was arrested, accused of murdering Pettigrew and the muggles and of serving Voldemort, and was promptly thrown in prison by Barty Crouch, Sr. without receiving a trial. He spent the next twelve years in Azkaban, brooding over his friends' deaths and obsessing over Pettigrew's betrayal.

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Why did Sirius Black betray the Potters?

Sirius Black, James Potter's best friend, offered himself to be their Secret Keeper but changed his mind and suggested Peter Pettigrew instead. The reason for this was that Sirius came to distrust their friend, Remus Lupin, thinking he might have been a spy, thus making him a target of Lord Voldemort.

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What did Sirius Black actually do?

Sirius Black

He was then subsequentally burnt out of the family tapestry for daring to be different. Next up: he was imprisoned in Azkaban for over a decade for the murder of 12 Muggles and his former best friend Peter Pettigrew, who actually framed him and faked his own death.

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Why was Bellatrix in Azkaban?

For using the Unforgivable Cruciatus Curse to torture the Longbottoms until they went insane, Bellatrix and her three associates were sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban. At her trial, Bellatrix proudly and defiantly proclaimed that Voldemort would rise again.

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Why was Sirius Black disowned by his family?

The most famous of these members, of course, was Harry's godfather Sirius Black, who barely made it to adulthood before he was disowned by the family for rejecting the Blacks' pure-blood ideals and running away from home.

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Who was Sirius Black in love with?

Sirius Black had a lot of love in his life. Mainly for his best friends but still. One of the greatest loves came not from his connection to James Potter but rather with his relationship to Remus Lupin.

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Why was Sirius Black not a Death Eater?

Sirius Black is a convicted Death Eater who's trial exonerated many other Death Eater's due to his confession to using the Imperius Curse on all of them.

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Did Bellatrix feel bad for killing Sirius?

Bellatrix Lestrange Killed her own cousin, Sirius Black: She killed Sirius (who was her cousin) during the battle at the Department of Mysteries. She was remorseless and was cackling in glee after she had murdered Sirius.

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How old was Sirius when he died?

Get away from my godson! Sirius Black (born November 3, 1959 - died June 18, 1996, aged 36), also known by his nickname Padfoot, is a major character from the Harry Potter series.

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Why wasn t Sirius the Potter's Secret Keeper?

Still, a Secret-Keeper can only break the Fidelius Charm voluntarily. Nobody doubts Sirius would, indeed, have died for his friends – so why not be Secret-Keeper anyway, given nobody could have tortured that secret out of him? The answer is that Sirius wanted to deflect attention from the real Secret-Keeper.

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Why did Voldemort love Bellatrix?

She was what Voldemort would have been if he had been raised in a loving, privileged family. She was what Voldemort wanted to be for she was loved, Pureblood, and an aristocrat as well. He probably saw that and her potential and decided to take her under his wing, to make her his.

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Why did Voldemort get Bellatrix pregnant?

Bellatrix used a powerful "love potion" on Voldemort and they have sex while he is temporarily obsessed with her. She then uses obliviate on him while he sleeps (you know, he falls asleep after his post-sex cigarette) and tells everyone that the baby is her and her husband's.

Why was Sirius black in Azkaban? (2023)
Why is Bellatrix on Voldemort's side?

The filmmakers of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2" decided to take the phrase "right-hand man" quite literally when it came to Bellatrix and Voldemort. Bellatrix always appears on Voldemort's right side because she was one of the few remaining unwavering Death Eaters by the final film.

Why didn t Harry live with Sirius after his parents died?

Therefore, if Harry had gone to live with Sirius while he was still underage, he would not be safe from Voldemort. The miserable years he spent with the Dursleys would have been for nothing and he would be without the protective shield of his mother's blood.

Who killed Remus Lupin?

Both Lupin and Tonks die in combat, killed by Dolohov and Bellatrix Lestrange, respectively, leaving Teddy an orphan with Harry Potter as his godfather and Andromeda Tonks as his guardian. JK Rowling has since stated that she originally intended for both Lupin and Tonks to survive.

Who is Sirius Black's wife?

Later on in life Marlene becomes the wife to Pure-Blood Wizard Sirius Black and the mother to their children Half-Bloods Aries, and Artemis Black. She is the sister-in-law to Pure-Blood Wizard Regulus Black, Muggle-born witch Vivienne Price and aunt to Half-Blood Renee Black.

Who is Sirius Black's daughter?

Annabeth Black (Sirius Blacks daughter)

Annabeth Black is the daughter of the 'murderous' Sirius Black and is living with Remus Lupin her godfather and six protective older brothers. What happens when Annabeth discovers her powers and catches the eye of the famous Harry Potter.

Did Lupin love Sirius?

It turns out (naturally) that Sirius was framed, and even after their twelve-year separation he and Lupin remain fiercely devoted to each other. By book 5, the two of them are living together in secret.

Are Lupin and Sirius related?

Remus John Lupin or Professor Remus Lupin is a friend of James Potter, Sirius Black, Lily Potter and Peter Pettigrew; the son of Lyall Lupin and Hope Howell.

Where did Sirius go when he died?

Upon the dais is a stone archway, covered with a tattered black veil. Sirius is hit by Bellatrix's curse, and his stunned body arcs into the air and floats through the archway, disappearing behind the veil. Harry expects Sirius to reappear on the other side, but he never does.

What was the point of Sirius death?

And Sirius died protecting his godson. It is disheartening that Harry had to endure the pain, the loss, and Harry being Harry, had to bear the guilt of Sirius' death. Molly and the Weasleys indeed cared for him like a family. But Sirius was a connection to his past, a bond that brought him closer to his parents.

What happens to Sirius Black after he dies?

It is explained that no funeral was ever held for Sirius Black because his body was never recovered. This presumably indicates that the body left the world of the living entirely when it fell through the veil.

Why does Bellatrix hate Harry?

As much as Bellatrix loves Lord Voldemort, she equally hates Harry Potter, considering him the greatest threat to Voldemort and his plans. She will do anything to assist the Dark Lord's desire to defeat Harry.

Why was Bellatrix so mad?

Her evil nature was a direct result of her love for the most vicious wizard in the history of the Wizarding World. Bellatrix was a powerful wizard. She was trained by the Dark Lord himself. Therefore, she had exposure to all things evil and she delved into it wholeheartedly to please her Lord.

Did Sirius Black get hit by Avada Kedavra?

In “Harry Potter”, is it possible that Sirius Black is still alive because he was hit by Stupefy, not Avada Kedavra? No, Sirius was hit with an unknown curse that made him stumble backwards right into the Veil.

Whose death affected Harry the most?

While Dumbledore was a depressing death for Harry Potter to face as his only real father figure, the death of Sirius Black hit him the hardest. When Sirius first showed up in the pages of Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban, Harry thought the man was responsible for the death of his parents and wanted him dead.

Is Sirius Black a Slytherin?

Sirius went to Hogwarts where he was sorted in Gryffindor, along with Remus Lupin, James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Marlene McKinnon and Lily Evans.

How old was Lupin when he died?

Remus John Lupin, 38, was killed May 2, during the Battle of Hogwarts by known Death Eater, Antonin Dolohov. Lupin, a member of the Order of the Phoenix, was a former teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. He left the position because of his status as a werewolf. He married Nymphadora Tonks in 1998.

Did Dumbledore know Sirius didn't betray the Potters?

Dumbledore DIDN'T know Sirius was innocent | Fandom.

Why didn't Dumbledore clear Sirius Black's name?

Why did Dumbledore never request a trial for Sirius? The in-universe answer is the whole idea that Dumbledore thought all the evidence pointed towards Sirius' guilt. Dumbledore knew that Sirius was the Potter's secret keeper, and did not know about the switch.

Did Dumbledore know Sirius was an Animagus?

Albus Dumbledore indirectly stated that the Marauders never revealed to anyone, the Order of the Phoenix included, that three of them became Animagi until mid-1994, when Sirius Black told the entire story to him.

Why did Voldemort scream when Bellatrix died?

His reaction to Bella's death was akin to his reaction at the loss of the Cup, which was when he realised that his own immortality was jeopardised amidst war and his own death could have been near.

Who did Voldemort have a child with?

The biggest revelation in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was that Lord Voldemort had a daughter with Bellatrix Lestrange, who was named Delphini.

Why did Draco lie about Harry to Bellatrix?

Draco had several reasons for lying to Bellatrix, including the fact that he was never a bad person. Moreover, he no longer found working for the Dark Lord appealing and hated how Voldemort treated his family. He did not intend to harm anyone and believed Harry was the only person capable of defeating Voldemort.

What did Bellatrix do to Hermione?

After being on the run from a bunch of Snatchers, the gang were taken to Malfoy Manor, where Bellatrix proceeded to torture Hermione using the Cruciatus Curse. It was a testament to Hermione's toughness that she was able to walk away without lasting damage.

Who raised Voldemort's daughter?

Delphi was conceived from a liaison between Voldemort and Bellatrix. She was born at Malfoy Manor, shortly before the 1998 Battle of Hogwarts. As Bellatrix and Voldemort were both killed in the Battle and Bellatrix's husband Rodolphus was imprisoned at Azkaban, Delphi was raised by Euphemia Rowle, a Death Eater.

Why didn't Harry use Avada Kedavra on Bellatrix?

Why doesn t Harry use Avada Kedavra on Bellatrix? Harry didn't use that spell because he cannot bring himself to kill anyone. He is not a killer.

Did Harry use an unforgivable curse on Bellatrix?

Cruciatus Curse ('Crucio')

Harry tried to use this spell himself. The first time was against Bellatrix after she had killed Sirius.

Why does Bellatrix call Harry a half blood?

Because to a pureblood fanatic like Bellatrix, Harry is a Mudblood because one of his parents (Lily Evans) was a Muggleborn. Anyone with Muggle ancestry is one, including Snape since his father was a Muggle (Tobias).

How did Voldemort punish Bellatrix?

Bellatrix Lestrange

And Bellatrix is banned from leaving Malfoy Manor after allowing Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger to escape the premises following their showdown at the end of Deathly Hallows: Part 1. We find this out when Hermione poses as Bellatrix in order to gain access to her vault at Gringotts.

Did Harry inherit anything from Sirius?

Harry inherits all of Sirius's possessions, including the house at Grimmauld Place, the house-elf Kreacher, and Buckbeak the Hippogriff.

What were Sirius Black's last words to Harry?

Sirius Black

"Come on, you can do better than that!" Black loses his battle with Bellatrix and just like that, another member of Harry's makeshift family has died.

Why didn t Lupin tell Dumbledore that Sirius was an Animagus?

Because he couldn't face his guilt and admit to Professor Dumbledore, that he (Remus) betrayed Dumbledore's trust (as the headmaster was the only one-as far as we know- to allow a werewolf in his school, a heaven-sent opportunity) and he didn't conform to Dumbledore's mesures of security (staying put in the Shrieking ...

Who killed Hedwig?

Hedwig's killer is not explicitly identified, so he/she may have appeared in other books, films or video games, but the only known appearance is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. A popular fan theory based on book canon suggests that Snape may have killed Hedwig.

Did Snape know Lupin was a werewolf?

Snape hears Lupin admit this while hiding under the Invisibility Cloak and also hears Lupin explain that he was not part of Sirius's joke. Snape still thinks Lupin is helping Sirius, however, and attacks Lupin. He then lets slip that Lupin is a werewolf the next morning.

Who killed Peter Pettigrew?

Pettigrew attempted to strangle Harry, but momentarily slackened his grip when Harry reminded him of his life debt, and was killed for it by the silver hand made for him by Voldemort. Hermione learned about his death after the battle.

Was Sirius in love with anyone?

He Wasn't Interested In Romance

Even in the books, no canon romantic interest is ever specified for Sirius. When Harry sees him in Snape's Pensieve, a girl is eyeing him hopefully and he doesn't even seem to notice. Since he was 15 in this memory, it seems strange that his hormones weren't driving him crazy.

Who was Sirius in love with?

Sirius Black had a lot of love in his life. Mainly for his best friends but still. One of the greatest loves came not from his connection to James Potter but rather with his relationship to Remus Lupin. The two had an interesting dynamic and one that fans seemed to gravitate towards.

Is Draco's mom related to Sirius?

And yet that's a fact that we all often seem to overlook. Draco's mother is Narcissa Black, which makes Draco Sirius' second cousin.

Did Sirius Black really betray the Potters?

'I persuaded Lily and James to change to Peter at the last moment, persuaded them to use him as Secret-Keeper instead of me ... I'm to blame, I know it ...' It wasn't Sirius who betrayed the Potters to Voldemort, but he did persuade them to make Pettigrew their Secret-Keeper.

What did Sirius Black do wrong?

When we were first introduced to Sirius Black, he was a wanted fugitive on the run from Azkaban, convicted of the murder of Peter Pettigrew and of betraying Harry's parents. Not a good start. Sirius didn't exactly improve matters when he tried to sneak into the Gryffindor dormitory by slashing the Fat Lady's portrait.

What was Sirius Black accused of?

Sirius was arrested, accused of murdering Pettigrew and the muggles and of serving Voldemort, and was promptly thrown in prison by Barty Crouch, Sr. without receiving a trial. He spent the next twelve years in Azkaban, brooding over his friends' deaths and obsessing over Pettigrew's betrayal.

Was Sirius Black actually a Death Eater?

Sirius Black is Harry's godfather. Sirius is also a convicted murderer of thirteen people and a confirmed Death Eater. Except, of course, as we discover in Book 3, Sirius has actually been framed by his one-time friend, Peter Pettigrew.

Who betrayed James and Lily Potter?

Peter Pettigrew

Wormtail's betrayal was so unexpected that it was overlooked for 12 years. James and Lily died not knowing exactly what led to Voldemort finding them, but they knew that Peter was involved, whether voluntarily or unwillingly.

Who betrayed Harry's parents?

However, they all learned the truth in 1994, when Pettigrew was exposed by Sirius Black and Remus Lupin; "Scabbers" was, in fact, Peter Pettigrew, the wizard who betrayed James and Lily Potter to Lord Voldemort.

Why didn t Snape like Sirius?

Snape hates Sirius for his participation in James's actions, but recognizes that Sirius is more acting on James' behalf than anything else. In other words, James and Snape hate each other because of what the other represents. Sirius hates Snape because James hates Snape and that's what friends do.

Did Snape know Sirius was good?

No one knows the truth about Sirius Black yet, not even Severus Snape. At that time, he didn't know that Sirius Black was innocent. At that time, he knew what everyone else thought they knew - that Sirius was a dangerous criminal that was out to get Harry Potter and that was said to be Voldemort's right-hand.

Why did Harry not live with Sirius Black?

Therefore, if Harry had gone to live with Sirius while he was still underage, he would not be safe from Voldemort. The miserable years he spent with the Dursleys would have been for nothing and he would be without the protective shield of his mother's blood.

What is Sirius Black's weakness?

Weakness: Arrogance and haughtiness

He also came from a rich background and was quite intelligent, so it's not a surprise that he had popularity. While confidence isn't a bad thing, Sirius could definitely take things too far in the direction of being arrogant and haughty.


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